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Tyler Anderson

I build contraptions and sometimes they work.

Long Beach, California

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Who I am

Role Models: Steve Wozniak, MacGyver

Goals: Win an Ig Nobel prize.

Interests: Space, duck tape, cream soda, old computers, blue LEDs, submarines, etc.

Languages: C, Python, Z80 ASM

Does not believe in the no win scenario.

Things i've Built

Phaser Laser

Modded Enterprise era toy phaser with green laser diode.

Measuring Tape Yagi Antenna

Built for contacting the space station and other ham satellites on 144 Mhz. Has a tripod mount and a smartphone holder for aiming using VR apps.

Automatic Window Roller Downer

I like to drive with all the windows and the sun roof open and got tired of holding down all the buttons, so I made a circuit to open and close everything automatically. (


A clone of NetFungus for Android. Sort of like a combination between Tetris and Reversi. The goal is simple; engulf your opponents before they eat you. (

Ultrasonic Dog Annoyer

Based on the infamous Portable Dog Killer by Steve Gibson ( Basically its a 555 with, an amp, a tweeter, and a knob for adjusting the frequency from 15 - 20 Khz. Causes instant pain in younger siblings.

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