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Who I am

If someone from the future were to visit me and ask me questions for whatever reason, and ask me ...'what makes you tick'.. I'd probably say it's my drive to learn.. My thirst for any knowledge I can possibly gain.. I'm an autodidact to the core.. Nobody sent me to college, I didn't have anything handed to me...but I have managed to persevere and overcome a great many odds..

Why I'm on Projects

I have what I consider my life's work that I dedicate literally every waking moment to and worry that I won't live long enough to finish...I should probably have a kid so he/she can continue my work.. haha.. I am on projects because I made a promise to myself to start being more open and sharing with my work.. I plan on posting bits of what I work on now and again and even transferring some of my previous work here so the rest of the community can possibly benefit..


Rafael wrote 8 months ago point
thanks for the bit fl@c@.Take a nice picture when you go to space.

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Luke Weston wrote 9 months ago point
Thanks :) I love the Raman spec, too! :)

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[this comment has been deleted]

martin wrote 10 months ago point
cool bio. I'm just starting to design a flow cytometer so the laser info was really useful

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fl@C@ wrote 10 months ago point
Thanks! Wow, that looks like quite a project.. I totally want to head in that direction when I finish up this and a couple other projects.. I'm glad the info was useful!

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Bradley Worley wrote 10 months ago point
Thanks for the follow, love the username!

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fl@C@ wrote 10 months ago point
Hey, thanks! And congrats on the Bio!

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