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Mathieu Stephan

Electronics enthusiast, creator of and Hackaday contributor


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Who I am

High speed electronics engineer by day, tinkerer by night

Why I'm on Projects

To show off the mooltipass project!

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by Mathieu Stephan

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Custom wide format plotter

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MijailR wrote 4 months ago null point

Hey Mathieu! i will like to help you and learn with your project Mooltipass. Letme know...

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Mathieu Stephan wrote 4 months ago null point

thanks :)

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akshaynalawade72 wrote 6 months ago null point

Hey bro, how you doing?
I wanted some help for my project. Its induction cooktop. Can you help me with my circuit design and the required programming?

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Mathieu Stephan wrote 6 months ago null point


I have very available spare time these days... I think you may be better off looking at projects we featured on hackaday:

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