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Who I am

My name is Radu Motisan, and I was born in '82. I am trained as a software engineer, with a master degree in Computer Science from West University of Timisoara received back in 2007. My university years brought me in the beautiful city of Timisoara, where I live today, together with my wife.
I work as a freelancer and I have a wide interest for technology. Besides what my school years taught me (mostly mathematics and informatics), I also have knowledge of electronics, physics and chemistry.

Why I'm on Projects

To summarise everything I'm here because I like technology and the potential of new, innovative things.

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Things i've Built

Twin Marx Generator

Some pictures with my marx generator throwing high voltage discharges!

Thyratron Switched Tesla Coil

Using a hydrogen Thyratron tube to switch a Tesla Coil. The Thyratron tube replaces the noisy spark gap. More:

Geiger Counter

A digital dosimeter design that can be used with multiple geiger tubes, constructed around the atmega8 microcontroller and a 2×16 LCD. Equipped with a radio Bluetooth:


Building an autonomous robot using a rover platform and advanced electronics is not an easy job. Here is a robot that follows its user. A companion, very much like a robo-dog:

Global radiation monitoring network

uRADMonitor is a global array of automatic, network connected monitoring stations, focused on continuous Environmental Gamma Radiation Surveillance. More:

Capacitor Discharge Microspot Welder / Cutter

A DIY microspot soldering/welding/cutting device using energy stored in a very large capacitor delivered as precisely calculated pulses to working electrodes. More on:

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