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Ben Delarre

Coder, maker, hacker, infrequent blogger.

Pasadena, California

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Who I am

I've been a developer since I was a little kid when I was first introduced to the ZX Spectrum which at the time was as old as I was. My early programming career was filled with ancient machines that we could still barely afford. I'm a developer at SupplyFrame and these days I still program for a hobby, but I also build electronics projects of various kinds, mostly involving Blinkenlights.

Why I'm on Projects

Find more people to build stuff with, and new interesting things to build!

My Projects
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by Ben Delarre

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by Ben Delarre

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Project Owner Contributor

L.A.S.E.R. Tag Control

by Ben Delarre

Projects I contribute to
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Glow Jacket

by Jasmine

Things i've Built


The Diodome is an interactive light installation originally conceived for Burning Man 2013. 300+ individually controlled LEDs and a beautiful cover over an 18ft geodesic dome creates a three dimensional surface of light which participants can interact with.


Illuminatrix is a one metre square LED matrix that has been shown at BurningMan festivals and other events in 2010. Animations were created in a web based editor where people from all over the world created over 500 animations!

Projects I Like & Follow
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The Hand of Zeus

by speedcat13

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by Aleksandar Bradic

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by finchronicity

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Hackaday Cherry MX Keycaps

by Benchoff

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GLaDOs Replica for RORI

by AmarOk

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Prometheus Style TV Remote

by Mirrorsails

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Dr Who Voice Modulator

by th3c4rd


skyhacker wrote 3 days ago null point

Im new to hacking but I love computers so can any one help me out

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

Starbuck wrote 10 days ago null point

Where are you camped this year? There's an LED blinky shit meetup you might enjoy, wednesday at 7 at ABSOFUCKINLOUTION

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

machinist wrote a month ago null point

hey mang, i run a hackerspace kinda near pasadena (23b shop in fullerton), we should put our heads together

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

Jasmine wrote 3 months ago null point

Testing something out. Can you reply to this?

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

Ben Delarre wrote 3 months ago null point

Yep, I can.

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

Mirrorsails wrote 5 months ago null point

Thank you for giving me a skull on the Prometheus TV Remote.

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

Ben Delarre wrote 5 months ago null point

I want an Ocarina version from Zelda ;-)

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

AmarOk wrote 6 months ago null point

Thank you so much for the skull on GLaDOs for RORI :)
By the way, I think you have awesome projects.

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Ben Delarre wrote 6 months ago null point

Thanks AmarOk!

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