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Hackaday Projects Community Manager - Costume maker, Burner, Brit.

Pasadena, California

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Who I am

If you have feedback for the site, please leave it on the feedback project. That way the team can see and act quickly:
I am the Hackaday Projects Community Manager. Get in touch with me if you have any questions or need help.

Before moving to sunny SoCal from the UK, I managed the V&A Museum Exhibitions websites and the British Red Cross Online Shop. In 2012 I also completed a diploma in Theatrical Costume Making.

Why I'm on Projects

I love being around people who make things, reuse and re-purpose items. Projects allows me to see what people are up to, and will let me collaborate and document.

Things i've Built

Cycle Powered Cinema

In 2007 we helped take the Cycle Powered Cinema to the Big Chill festival (UK) and other events. 10 volunteers pedal to power the projector and sound system.

Polar Bear Coat

Sewn on Playa for Burning Man 2004. Includes parachute lining and EL wire in hood. I bought the long pile faux fur after seeing similar (non-glowing) coats on SF's Haight Street selling for $$$. This coat has kept me warm year after year.


Illuminatrix is a one meter square LED matrix that has been shown at BurningMan festivals and other events in 2010. See for more info and to create animations in the web based editor.

The Diodome

An interactive light installation originally conceived for Burning Man 2013. 300+ individually controlled LEDs, a beautiful cover over an 18ft geodesic dome creates an interactive 3D surface of light.

Projects I Like & Follow
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Peter McCloud wrote 12 days ago point

Great to meet you in person at SxCreate!

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cipherpunk wrote 17 days ago point

peculiar Crafter. Definitely have the eye for expression, and the heart for technology. Best of both worlds. ! Big Ups^ burner.

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Andrew Zaborowski wrote 2 months ago point

Hi Jasmine,

We have a small home-automation-and-other-buzzwords project that we woulnd't mind to see added to your list: I'm working on the less text and more images part...

Many thanks

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Jasmine wrote 3 months ago point

Anyone going to SparkleCon 2.0?

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Jasmine wrote 3 months ago point

Hello Everyone, you've got until Jan 12 to enter our MeArm Giveaway. For more details check out the project log over at #181. #MeArm - Pocket Sized Robot Arm

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TAIBHSE wrote 3 months ago point

Thank you very much for following my Photoshop project :) its much appreciated

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[this comment has been deleted]

ben.phenoptix wrote 3 months ago point
We got us an old fashioned spambot! On my private messaging too!

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Jasmine wrote 3 months ago point
Yep, just realised. We are dealing with it.

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Jasmine wrote 4 months ago 1 point
An old guide to setting up a hackerspace, but a lot still rings true -

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Kevin Andersson wrote 4 months ago point
Hey Jasmine,
I thought you might like my new project Pie, and maybe add it to your Home Automation list:

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Milkey Mouse wrote 5 months ago point
I have a project of mine that would fit into the Home Automation list:

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Jasmine wrote 5 months ago point
Great project. I've added it to the list. :)

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bfoz wrote 5 months ago point
Hi. I have a 3D printer project that might be good for the 3D Printing list, although it's a bit poorly documented still. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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Jasmine wrote 5 months ago point
Hey bfoz - I'll add it, but if you could put up a components list and a few more details, I'd be very grateful.

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Jasmine wrote 5 months ago point
Two weeks to Hackaday Munich! Let me know if you're coming, I'd like to make sure we say Hi in person.

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Thomas wrote 5 months ago 1 point
Hey Jasmin :)
As there is no "PM" functionality...
I have a suggestion for the "Telepresence" list
and one for the "Home Automation"


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Jasmine wrote 5 months ago point
Hey Thomas, I've added those to the lists. btw - we are adding PM and a submit to list feature soon.

Are you coming to

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Felix Rusu wrote 6 months ago point
Hi Jasmine, since you're the curator for the Home-Automation list, any way my project could be added to that list?

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Jasmine wrote 6 months ago point
Hello Felix, I've added the Moteino Framework Project to the Home Automation list.

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The Big One wrote 6 months ago point
Hi Jasmine,

I asked Mike this a few days back, after his HAD prize email was sent out, but I have heard nothing back from him. I figured I would try asking you instead... if this is a Mike question, and I should just be patient, feel free to ignore me and / or just delete the question :-)


Original question:
"A question about the email you sent out to Hackaday Prize entries today... I know it was supposed to clarify questions, but it just raised more for me. The last point, the "artist's rendition" image... for those of us who have a functional, working object, is there a need for this? Or is a picture of the object fine?

For my project (Stubby), when making a commercialized version, the materials would likely be different (plexiglass vs. MDF, for instance), but a drawing wouldn't really show that anyway. The shape / size of the object is not going to change.

Is there any penalty from the judges if a real picture is shown instead of an artist's interpretation?


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Mike Szczys wrote 6 months ago 1 point
Hi [The Big One]; may I just call you Big? ;-)

Sorry I missed your message earlier. I just looked through email and can't find it anywhere so I'm glad you reached out here.

The artist's rendering is meant to show judges what the final product will look like. So if you had just a bare PCB, but intended to have a case eventually a drawing of how it would look is important. If your prototype is already in the basic form that the final product would be then I think it is fine to use a photograph. Just make sure to explain that this is how it will look except a final version would use different materials (basically the same info you included in your question).

You asked about a penalty for not having an artists interpretation. No, there is no penalty. As I said above, just make sure to mention in your writeup that this will be the look of the final design so that the judges don't have to poke around looking for the rendering.

Does that make sense?

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The Big One wrote 6 months ago point
Makes perfect sense. Thanks, Mike!

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radu.motisan wrote 7 months ago 1 point
Hi Jasmine, Stage 3 is getting closer Yayyy!! I now should have everything in place:

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Jasmine wrote 7 months ago point
Glad you made it through to the semifinals. Very excited for you. Keep up the great work!

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ronald wrote 7 months ago point
Could you please my Wide Format Plotter project ( to the Hacker Art list and my Network Amplifier project ( to the Home Automation list? Thank you!

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Nigel wrote 7 months ago point
Could you add my project to the automotive list? Thanks!

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Jasmine wrote 7 months ago point
Sorry, took a while, but it's done now.

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Michel Kuenemann wrote 7 months ago point
Hi Jasmine,

I have submitted my project "My Off-grid Solar System Monitoring" for the Prize.

Regarding the "Design document", I think that I provide enough information in the "The Monitoring System" chapter included in the DETAILS section of the project description.

Are you OK with this ?
If not, what should I put in this document ?

Thank you.
Michel Kuenemann

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engunneer wrote 7 months ago point
They will have so many videos to go through, I think that is why they put a 2 minute limit. I had to cut about 30 seconds out of mine to fit inside two minutes, but it's worth it and causes you to evaluate the amount of detail you need to get your idea across.

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