The Hackaday Prize You Build the Future. You Go to Space.

The 2014 Hackaday Prize was awarded to the best example of an open, connected device.

We saw over 800 entries during the six-month adventure. The winners are listed below.
Now is the time to begin preparing for the 2015 Hackaday Prize. How will your entry change the world?

Grand Prize

SatNOGS View Project

SatNOGS is a global network of satellite ground stations. The design demonstrates an affordable node which can be built by anyone and linked into a public network to leverage the benefits of satellites (even amateur ones) to a greater extent and for a wider portion of humanity. The social implications of this project are far-reaching. Beyond the SatNOGS network itself this initiative is a template for building other connected device networks that make shared (and open) data a benefit for all.

SatNOGS will receive a trip to space on a carrier of their choice or $196,418

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Second Prize

ChipWhisperer View Project

ChipWhisperer, an embedded hardware security research device, goes deep into the world of hardware penetration testing. The versatile tool occupies an area in which all-in-one, wide-ranging test gear had been previously non-existant or was prohibitively expensive to small-shop hardware development which is so common today. The concept goes far beyond the tool iteslf as this hardware will help raise awareness of side-channel and glitching attacks for the engineers that will build future generations of electronics.

ChipWhisperer will receive an industrial grade milling machine or $10,000

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Third Prize

PortableSDR View Project

PortableSDR, is a compact Software Defined Radio module that was originally designed for Ham Radio operators. The very nature of SDR makes this project a universal solution for long-range communications and data transfer especially where more ubiquitous forms of connectivity (Cell or WiFi) are not available. The project takes existing SDR technology and does away with the need for a laptop while updating Ham radio equipment for the smartphone age.

PortableSDR will receive an industrial grade 3D printer or $10,000

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Forth Prize

Open Source Science Tricorder View Project

Open Source Science Tricorder, a realization of science fiction technology made possible by today’s electronics hardware advances. The handheld is a collection of sensor modules paired with a full-featured user interface all inside of the same case. One easy to outline application for the tricorder is to place an array of weather sensors in the hands of school children. Observing measurable changes and the resulting weather conditions will surely drive interest in STEAM fields.

Open Source Science Tricorder will receive a trip to Akihabara electronics distric in Japan or $5,000

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Fifth Prize

ramanPi View Project

ramanPi is a 3D printed Raman Spectrometer built around a RaspberryPi using 3D printed and off-the-shelf parts. It is used for spectroscopy, a way to detect the makeup of substances, such as identifying impurities in water. The project's use of 3D design files which account for different type of optics will help drive adoption of raman spectrometers in school and home labs that could otherwise not afford them.

ramanPi will receive the experience of team skydiving or $5,000

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The Race for Space is On: Semifinalists

On August 25th the slate of 50 Semifinalists was announced having been chosen by our panel of launch judges from over 800 Quarterfinalists.

Here are three random examples from the full list of Semifinalists.

The Quarterfinalists:

Below is a teaser of the awesome projects which are official entries in The Hackaday Prize. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. You can see the entire pool of over 800 entries, exploring each much further than a title and an image.

Part of the entry requirements included in-depth documentation of the ideas behind each build. Get inspired about the future of connected devices by digging deep into the work of a generation of hackers sure to shape the hardware landscape of the coming years and decades.



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