The Hackaday Prize You Build the Future. You Go to Space.

The Hackaday Prize will be awarded to the best example of an open, connected device.

The concepts are in and the contestants are working feverishly toward functional prototypes.
Who will rise to the occasion before time runs out in November?

Five Finalists

The Launch Judges have spoken. Out of 50 semifinalists, these five have shown the most open, promising, and innovative designs.

One of them will be awarded the Hackaday Prize.

The Race for Space is On: Semifinalists

On August 25th the slate of 50 Semifinalists was announced. The race is now on to place in the final five. On September 29th our panel of launch judges will look at the continuing work on each connected device design. A handful of projects will then have a few more weeks to make refinements to the working hardware in a bid to earn a trip into space by claiming The Hackaday Prize.

Here are three random examples from the list of 50 Semifinalists. Help them get to the next level by registering your encouragement and sharing any advice you may have.

The Quarterfinalists:

Below is a teaser of the awesome projects which are official entries in The Hackaday Prize. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. You can see the entire pool of over 800 entries, exploring each much further than a title and an image.

Part of the requirements for entry were to well-document the ideas. Get inspired about the future of connected devices by digging deep into the work of a generation of hackers sure to shape the hardware landscape of the coming years and decades.



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