The Hackaday Prize

The Mission

This is about doing, not about about waiting for something to happen.
The Hackaday Prize will send one person into space for building the next evolution of hardware.

We’ve been promised a future that is rich with intuitive and useful technology. The fastest route to this vision is to get as many Hackers, Designers, and Engineers working on it as possible. This is the core goal of The Hackaday Prize: start hacking. It’s the space race reimagined; non-adversarial and inclusive.

Openness is a Virtue.

The Hackaday community stands for the free and open exchange of ideas and information. By embracing open design you can make sure that we don’t keep re-inventing the wheel. It allows others to leap past the common speed bumps, and lets those just honing their design skills learn from your successes. As you design your hardware, document the process. You won’t be disqualified for keeping the secret sauce a secret, but you will be judged based on your efforts to share and make your work accessible for all. In other words: we want to reward Open Hardware and Open Source Software.

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