• Withdrawing from Hackaday prize

    a month ago • 0 comments

    Sad when life gets in the way of things, this summer has just been too busy to keep up with everything.   Two jobs and a family among other things that take priority ^^.  I will continue working on these projects as time and money permits and updating them here, but I guess I wont be in the next round for the hackaday prize.   Thank you everyone for the skull :)  


  • Slow progress :(

    2 months ago • 0 comments

    The project progress has been slow going.   I am working a job and an internship right now.  I have done a bit of experimentation with getting an adder implemented and have met with several issues.  The totals if I added the numbers are different depending on which input I use for each number.    With the hackaday prize deadline fast approaching and lack of components I may have to call this one for now and complete it at a later date when I can afford to get the proper parts shipped to Alaska.  

    Quick snapshot of the breadboard right now....  I am playing with different ways of manipulating the voltage, in this case it is a basic "voltage divider" setup just to see if I can solve part of my input issue with addition.  

    The little circuit board at the top is an opamp "virtual ground" to split the 5 volt source that I am working with.  The 6 switches let me input the voltage I want into each input, in this case -2.5v, 0v, +2.5v.  

    In other news: 

    I have been toying with another project idea and posted it at http://hackaday.io/project/1905-Toner%2FLaser-3D-Printer

  • Waiting for parts ^^

    4 months ago • 2 comments

    Sorry I haven't posted much lately, just been busy ^^

    I have already ordered some components to do a first build, still waiting on 1 more shipment to arrive. Until then, I have been working on different setups for building a functioning ALU.  However, I am keeping logs and plan on releasing everything right here, including my thought processes. Even when things are wrong I have been including it.  Its a great way to learn from mistakes and documents the entire project. 

    Also, I love the meaningful feedback  people have!   It  leads me down even more rabbit holes.  I plan to get some photos up and maybe even some video of the ALU when the time comes.

    Thanks everyone for supporting me in this project :D