• FreeRTOS tasks and queues

    5 days ago • 0 comments

    In my previous homebrew projects I did not use any operating system in the embedded processors. Software was programmed on a bare-metal hardware. In my Talking Clock project I created a simple cooperative event-processing abstraction layer, but it was very limited.

    In PIP-Watch there are multiple independent tasks that should execute concurrently and exchange information at specific points. These are: Bluetooth modem task, Display drawing task, and Battery monitoring task.

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  • Framebuffer Drawing with u8glib [VIDEO]

    a month ago • 0 comments

    GDE021A1 is a graphics display with a resolution 172x72 pixels, each pixel is 2 bits deep (4 shades of grey). The display has an internal controller SSD1606 with a framebuffer. The framebuffer size is 172*72*2/8=3096 Bytes. When the display is powered up, the system processor sends initialization sequence that first sets up controller's internal registers (the controller SSD1606 is fairly generic) and then sends new framebuffer content. The display controller then autonomously pushes the framebuffer contents to the physical screen.

    The display controller can be configured to orient the framebuffer almost any way. I configured it into a landscape mode, with the X-axis going right and the Y-axis down, as shown on the photo.

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  • EPD Display Working!

    a month ago • 0 comments

    Today I have managed to get the GDE021A1 ePaper display (EPD) working! I used my minimal EPD-Driver board, which implements a flat-flex cable connector and a booster circuit for the display. The booster generates high voltages needed for display operation (around +-25V). The display is driven by STM32F101 Cortex-M3 CPU, mounted on a universal PCB. The picture below depicts my workbench setup:

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