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El Dance

Electroluminescent costums for a dance show. Realized with Atmega328 and Arduino technology.

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This project was created on 06/22/2014 and last updated 9 months ago.

Each receiver card listens orders from the computer with a NRF24L01 and has 5 channels (5 el wires).

From computer side, the choreography is recorded on an MAO software (Live) as a MIDI instrument. Notes correspond to the channels and MIDI channel correspond to the dancer. The emitter card is just a proxy between MIDI message and a homemade protocol. The emitter has an antena improving the range, about 30 meters.

serdef wrote 8 months ago point
nice video,
more technical details ?

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electrothug wrote 8 months ago point
would love more details :)

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Mike Szczys wrote 9 months ago point
From the video it looks like this is already built. It would be great to get a look at the schematics!

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