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Laptop Case

​This must be a plug and play case for small computers that run on 5v.

This project was created on 06/22/2014 and last updated 2 months ago.

hello, I was working a a portable pi(or other computer with composite video output) it should be like a case and plug and play. I am still prototyping.

The concept:

How I think I want to make it:


This part is for the body so I can mount the display to it. Like I did with prototype #1.


This is the composite video connector to connect to the computer.


This Is how I power it right now with a 12v connector. I want to use it but I also want to add battery's. Properly 2 battery's one for the display and one for the computer.


This are 2 speaker I wanna use one on each side of the display. I also need to get a amplifier for the speakers.

  • 1 × display To make it portable it should be small end use less power. mine will be 3.5"
  • 1 × computer(with composite video and must run on 5v) It does not matter which computer you take, but in this project I am using a Raspberry pi B.
  • 1 × wood just wood not to thick
  • 2 × 8 ohm speaker
  • 1 × am plucker

Project logs
  • prototype 2:

    5 months ago • 0 comments

    EDIT: I ordered the screen now waiting :)

    A few day ago I started rebuilding this projects to make it more portable I made it smaller and I want to use a new screen that is smaller(3.5") and uses less energy( I have almost enough money to buy the screen after that I will make a new update. at the moment I can power it with 4aa batteries maybe I will find an alternative. I am sill thinking about how should mount the screen like a laptop screen or like a gameboy(flat) or maybe somehow else what do you guys think?

    This is how it looks now:

    This is the booster I havet to power the display as soon as I have it:

    some extra pictures:

  • amplifier

    5 months ago • 0 comments

    hmm, I think I burned out the amp. sorry. I think I need to order a new one.

  • programming

    5 months ago • 0 comments

    I am programming a onscreen keyboard so I can type with only a d-pad



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YourHero wrote 4 months ago null point

Great project hope to see more. I'm in the works of building a pi/ arduino/breadboard laptop myself. I want the main components to be accessible for prototyping on the go.

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bram wrote 4 months ago null point

thanks, same here want to prototype on the go .

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Adam Fabio wrote 5 months ago null point

Hi bram! I hope you enjoyed seeing your project on The Hacklet! Thanks for entering The Hackaday Prize! Now that you're a prize entrant, we need a few more updates - don't forget to the video requirements! Good luck!

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bram wrote 5 months ago null point

Thanks, I am gona make a new video today.

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Ohm's Claw wrote 5 months ago null point

Love the build. How are you interfacing the Pi with the screen?

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bram wrote 5 months ago null point

thanks. I interface it in a very simple way, on there was a av in port so I checked the pin-out and soldered the rca jack of the rpi directly to it :) . the only down side is that every time I boot it up I need to change the video input with the remote :(

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