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Tapuino, the $20 C64 Tape Emulator

A fully featured tape emulator for the C64 that loads TAP files from an SD Card and allows the user to interact via an LCD and button panel.

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This project was created on 07/21/2014 and last updated 5 months ago.

Original tape and disk media are getting very old and unreliable, but luckily preservation attempts like are saving the contents of these media. While the tapes themselves are dying, the actual C64 hardware is still going strong. With this in mind I set out to build a modern, very low cost and easy to construct means means of transmitting the tape to the C64 and the Tapuino was born.

The current build is fully featured in terms of TAP file playback and more features are being worked on at the moment. Long filename support is almost in and the next major feature to be tackled will be a recording feature.

The firmware is maturing nicely and is at least functionally complete at this point with the addition of write support.

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Peter Edwards wrote 4 months ago null point

A LOT more code added to the firmware. You can now name files before recording, prev and next buttons have repeat detection (for scrolling through those huge game lists), many bug fixes and optimizations and more config. There is more to come with eeprom settings next (hopefully) and an 'inverted' mode that will allow you to record to and from a real datasette using an additional connector.

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Peter Edwards wrote 5 months ago null point

An updated blog post can be found at:
With a pin change for write support and some further details.

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Peter Edwards wrote 5 months ago null point

I've recently added write support to the code and will post an update blog as soon as possible

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