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OSCAR: The Open Screen Adapter

A super high resolution 9.7" LCD panel with an Arduino compatible adapter that connects to your computer

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This project was created on 03/10/2014 and last updated a month ago.

OSCAR is an adapter that allows you to connect a super high resolution 9.7” screen, often found in tablets, to your computer. It comes pre-connected to the LCD panel ready to be attached and is compatible will all operating systems using a Thunderbolt or DisplayPort connection. The board is Arduino compatible which makes modifying the behaviour easy and all the software and hardware is open source. The particular display used with OSCAR is the one most commonly found in the iPad 3 and 4, marketed as the 'Retina Display' and has a whopping 2048x1536 pixels. This gives it an amazing pixel density of 264ppi (pixels per inch) and glorious colours. The case we have designed for it in laser cut clear acrylic also enhances the wonderful looking display by putting it in an equally clean looking surround.

Connects to your computer using DisplayPort/Thunderbolt

Takes 12V 1A input (9-12V recommended)

Consumes a nominal 6W

ATmega32u4 microcontroller

TPS61176 backlight drivers

LMZ12001 high efficiency buck regulator

All spare IO pins available on 0.1" pitch headers. This includes 6 analogue pins, 9 digital, I2C, SPI, serial and 5V power

RGB LED for OSCAR status 

  • 1 × LMZ12001 TI SimpleSwitcher power module
  • 1 × TPS61176 Constant current LED driver
  • 1 × ATMega32u4 Microprocessors

Project logs
  • Production boards and file release

    a month ago • 0 comments

    There have been a few delays with the production PCB-As but we have finally got the majority of the batch back. We have also released all of our files on GitHub which can be seen here:

    Once we have tested, assembled and shipped all the Kickstarter orders, we will be openeing orders up to the general public as we have had a few requests for boards after the Kickstarter ended.

    Production boards

  • Laser cutters are cool!

    5 months ago • 0 comments

    One of the big perks of being at Uni, you get to use lots of very expensive equipment!

    Acrylic engraved OSCAR logos fresh off an Epilog Mini24 :)

  • Rev 1.1 PCB back from manufacture

    5 months ago • 0 comments

    As the title suggests, our latest revision of PCBs is now back from manufacture! Assembly will start soon..

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Adam Fabio wrote a month ago null point

Isn't it great when commodity electronics items reduce the price for us tinkerers? Thanks for submitting the OSCAR to The Hackaday Prize. Eventually we'll all have Google Glass brain implants, but for now, I'll settle for a retina display

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Meli_Saelzer wrote a month ago null point

Does this work for the ipad mini 2 retina display?

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Freddie Temperton wrote a month ago null point

Unfortunately not at this time

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coolmail.2002 wrote 3 months ago null point

i want to buy it :-)

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Decase73 wrote 3 months ago null point

So, it's a second monitor? I don't get it...

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raznemonade wrote 4 months ago null point

Will you maybe made that thing for the ipad mini retina display with touch functionality?

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lucas.vanbeneden wrote 5 months ago null point

Is this project available for purchasing?

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Freddie Temperton wrote 5 months ago null point

Just on the Kickstarter linked above

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