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Voice Controlled Raspberry Pi

A program for custom voice commands to the Raspberry Pi. Make your RPi send emails, play videos, check the weather, and more using speech.

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This project was created on 02/15/2014 and last updated 7 months ago.

This is my Voicecommand program for the RPi. The beauty of this is that you can use it and customize it without programming anything.
This will work on any linux machine but I find it uniquely suited for the Raspberry Pi and that's what I developed it for.

It was inspired by 2001 A space odyssey.

This project is currently GPLv3 licensed.

You just type voicecommand -e to edit the configuration file and add any speech and the coinciding command. You can see all of the little nifty commands it can recognize just with my config file in the video. I use all of these pretty often. It is very mutable and works with lots of other programs.

The commands should be in the format speech==command. Ex:

music==xterm -e pianobar

Doctor Who==playvideo -r -f Doctor Who

I hope you will try this out and make some cool things with it. A video demonstration and Instructions to install are below in the links.

You can install with:

sudo apt-get install git-core

git clone git://

cd PiAUISuite/Install/



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Multimedia wrote 7 months ago point
my mic is plugged and and detected but it wont work in any app at all any fixes for this im using mint 17 with kde installed as my environment! please help!

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Jasmine wrote 8 months ago point
Hello Steven,

I just wanted to remind you that this is the checklist of what must be on Hackaday Projects by August 20th:
- A video less than 2 minutes long describing your project. Put it on YouTube (or Youku), and add a link to it on your project page.
- At least 4 Project Logs (you've got 9, so you're fine)
- A system design document.
- Links to code repositories, and remember to mention any licenses or permissions needed for your project. For example, if you are using software libraries you need to document that information in the project details.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

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Steven Hickson wrote 7 months ago point
Thanks for letting me know.
I've been driving across the country (from San Francisco to Atlanta) the past week and a half so it's going to be tight but I'm trying to get those up tonight.

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Steven Hickson wrote 7 months ago point
Awesome. I had not seen this.

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MoserLabs wrote 11 months ago point
Do I have to try it on one of my Pi's before I give it a skull? I am SUPER excited to try it out!!! Thank you for the submission and distraction from the rest of my projects!

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trademark wrote 11 months ago point
This is extremely similar to my project! I wrote a Processing speech recognition program and used it with some reverse-engineered remote outlets to give me voice controlled lights and stuff. I also made commands into a config file. We must be on the same wavelength! Search for "Docta Vox" if you want to compare notes :-)

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csmaster13 wrote 11 months ago point
How much has this project advanced since its inception??

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Steven Hickson wrote 11 months ago 1 point
Quite a bit. It is on V3.0 right now and I'm trying to use this deadline to force me to push out a version 4.0. I hope to have an optional GUI and a RPi image with voicecommand already set up sometime soon.

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glenn_kelly_revere wrote a year ago point
RPi Kewl

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