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2.2k 29 21
Next level citizen science project: an open & global network of low-cost meteor cameras. Goal: explore the Solar System from your home!
11k 107 37
ProtoVoltaics Pick and Place Machine Project
just updated
55 2 2
A coffee machine sized box that automatically organizes your medications and connects your medicine use directly to your doctor/pharmacy.
just updated
0 0
Digital potentiometer Flex Module.
27.6k 543 266
High Altitude Balloon payload capable of streaming live pictures, gps coordinates, and data telemetry.


by arko

0 0
I designed this in design spark mechanical, with nylon filament you can now print your 8mm 3d printing bearings
126.3k 2k 695
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
0 0
ongoing project hardware completed project arduino 2015HackadayPrize TheHackadayPrize Software MISC raspberry pi led
89.5k 1.5k 778
Python-powered machine vision modules
14.2k 333 138
An agile radio designed for low power and narrow bandwidths over a wide frequency range.
125.1k 1.7k 859
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
0 0
The remote will only have a few buttons, each can be programmed by pointing the original remote to this self-learning remote.
just updated
1k 19 5
A robot that can clean an area of human liter in an autonomous fashion for easier disposal.
19k 356 136
A printable robot arm, a little bigger than the usual hobby servo once.

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