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6k 73 27
Professional quality, 24 bit, 192kHz audio breakout board for Teensy 3.x, Raspberry Pi, and more.
6.1k 85 34
Build your own nervous system!
just updated
284 5 1
The Tick Tock Timer is a 7 day relay scheduling device with a highly accurate RTC and simple but effective Touch Screen GUI.
130k 1.8k 870
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
28.8k 573 274
High Altitude Balloon payload capable of streaming live pictures, gps coordinates, and data telemetry.


by arko

0 0
A custom spray job we did for a customer
0 0
My colleague and I had to design a website for one of my teachers who owned a cottage business.
just updated
352 0 1
use Novation Launch control and other knob / slider midi controllers to control volume levels etc audio codec or something wired to arduino.
ongoing project hardware completed project arduino 2015HackadayPrize Software TheHackadayPrize MISC raspberry pi led
36.8k 504 243
Spartan 6 FPGA Shield includes SPI Configuration Flash, Breakout Headers, SRAM, programmable from Arduino or SPI Programmer
22.7k 402 134
A program for custom voice commands to the Raspberry Pi. Make your RPi send emails, play videos, check the weather, and more using speech.
just updated
2.5k 21 5
A DIY GPS disciplined 10 MHz reference clock
94.1k 1.6k 799
Python-powered machine vision modules
136.4k 2.1k 721
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
0 0
Hub and FEP for a series of connected controllers and FEPs.

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