• Is the "vinyl" nostalgia slowing - The return of CD?

    08/12/2019 at 12:26 0 comments

    I wtch a lot of youtube, espesialy "Audio-Rewuers" i concider "trusted". To my surprice, some of them dare claim that Hi-End CD players/transports sounds better than streamed music of suposedly same SQ - moreover, even better than (cheap) LP players.

    OK, they are mostly comparing original CD's from the 90's (before the loudness-war), but there is a few new CD releases, mostly by artists that can control: recording to mastering, ex Steven Wilson new album "To the Bone" has real dynamics to it, and yet the peaks are maxed out-with no distortion.

    Maybe some record companys finaly reacted to the decline in CD sales.

    I have also noted that there are an increasing number of new CD players(over $500 and way up), and that some players that dissapeared(ex Yamaha CD-s600, Onkyo DX 390 etc), are back at lower prices...

    Not to mention: miljons of people with substantial CD collections (they may have ripped to MP3's), dusted them of, played some - and find they sound way better than their vinylplayer for $300!

    I went 100% to CD when i bought the Rotel RCD-971, in 2000 - simply becouse replacing the cartridge on my record player (Thorens 166, Hadcook one pivet arm, Ortofon MC30Super, Beard battery powered step-up), would set me back $350 (back in 1999, that was to much for me).

    In 2009 i bought LiTe DAC AH(modified) and started experimenting with computerbased music, but i could not compet with CD's. 2016 i got Korg DS-DAC100m = ASIO driver, enormous uppgrade!

    But i still prefer my old Rotel, but it is SO convinient playing from the computer, via Korg or my Yamaha CD-N301 networkplayer (and, yes - i enjy Spotify Connect!). thousens of albums to choose from, without leaving the sofa!

    I rest my case...