Happily married problem-solver. Creative thinkering incl social joy. Enjoy teamwork, ideation & music. No vision no fun !

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sparks.ron wrote 12/12/2020 at 18:51 point

Thanks for liking the bee hive monitor project. We are moving a bit slow because the current situation has diverted our time a bit, but we are still working on it. We just had a successful summer with the temperature and humidity monitoring part working perfectly in spite of having a lot of >90% humidity time. Using MQTT, Influxdb and Grafana on a Raspberry Pi 3+ for the monitoring.

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dannyvandenheuvel wrote 08/29/2020 at 22:26 point

Thanks for liking my project #DP Ventilator 

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Maarten wrote 08/30/2020 at 13:35 point

My pleasure! Very nice project and extremely useful in these times. If you want some help with mechanical stuff -especially sealing technology - I'd be glad to try and help :)

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