Adrian Ducao

I'm a General Programmer, a web developer and I specialize PHP language. I'm also a hacker and a innovator.

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This user joined on 05/12/2016.

Things I've Built

IMS (Internal Messaging System) version 2.0

New and improved version of IMS with added features like : Friendly UI, more setting option for users, less failure interface, bug report mode, new end to end unique encryption, and lots of new stuffs.

IMS (Internal Messaging System) version 1.0

A simple, email like messaging system within the amac community, it's text based to reduce lagging and vulnerability from too much flaw on the interface and it's fully encrypted with it's own unique encryption.

amac group community

It's an online community compose of programmers, web developers, geeks, nerds and just a normal individuals build for collaboration and sharing of ones new ideas and knowledge.

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