Aryl Akamov

Pyro, hardware hacker, classic Saab enthusiast. Slightly obsessed with turbos.

Anacortes, Washington
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This user joined on 08/09/2014.

Things I've Built

Saab 900i restoration

Restoring a 900i I bought and took home to discover the rusted floor pans were covered up by the seller with spray on undercoating. Currently repairing holes in the floor with POR-15 and repainting the entire interior. Afterwards a turbo swap.

Saab c900 Updated Dashboard

An updated dashboard for a Classic Saab 900, replaces the dial gauges with a gradient green LED gauge I've made in autocad using SMD LEDs and some circuit boards I've etched.


arduino Saab Information Display, a 20x4 RGB lcd screen that will imitate the SID unit on newer Saabs. Still a work in progress, awaiting sensors.

LED cube

Just a small 3x3 led cube I made as a learning experience and to familiarize myself with their concept and programming


Following some instructions I found I made a hinged locket out of some nickels I flattened with a hammer, formed around a sparkplug socket and polished to a mirror finish. Magnets embedded being the pictures close it.


I've made half a dozen single stage coil guns out of old camera caps and hand winding coils. Never quite made it to multi-stage designs, though it was enough to make me bleed and go through pop cans.


Flamethrower made in highschool with a budget of $0.00. The high pressure tanks came from some converted propane tanks and c02 fire extinguishers. Pilot light is a propane torch, runs on kerosene. Range is about 40 feet at 120 psi

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