• Big Changes!

    05/03/2019 at 20:31 0 comments

    Hey! So first off, if you have been following me from the beginning, thank you!
    1. I'm working on ViReD and have made a Twitter account for it.
    2. I'm taking donations for ViReD.
    3. I have a blog now! It's part of my portfolio and I'm using Disqus for commenting.

    Once again, a big thanks to all of my followers.

  • Important Update

    04/08/2019 at 13:51 2 comments

    After some consideration I have decided that I am swamping myself with projects... so I am going to slow down, if not stop, the development of some projects. I will continue to develop TOSS in my spare time, I am still working on ViReD, and I'm going to prolong the development of the Open Source Laptop because I have thought of a way to make it better.

  • I'm in THP 2019!

    04/05/2019 at 15:03 0 comments

    After some though I have decided to join THP 2019. And have. I am making ViReD an Open Source VR headset along with 2 friends. Leave a like on the project page to support ViReD.