• Expanding My Arsenal... Of Tools

    12/28/2018 at 04:04 2 comments

    I'm trying to see if these would be good tools for working with electronics, I'd appreciate it if y'all left a comment letting me know if these would be good tools, something else I'm considering is this.

    Thanks, Asher Gomez

  • A Magazine for Hackers

    12/17/2018 at 17:59 3 comments

    Hello fellow Hackers. I just recently came up with the idea of featuring YOU in a magazine. This is still a concept idea but I'm trying to see what to do with it. The magazine would be issued monthly and sent with a project box (like Adabox) every month as well. The magazine would feature projects by makers worldwide and one of those projects would be sent as the project box. I'm unsure what to name it and would like some feedback on it.