Assad Ebrahim

Director by day, Experimenter/Hacker by night.

United Kingdom
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Things I've Built

3-Instruction Forth for Arduino

Contact me for details. This is a work in progress. It is what I have built to enable rapid prototyping/development of embedded/microcontroller applications.

Turtle Logo in Forth (1000 lines of code)

Full-featured Turtle Logo drawing program accessible to 4yo children written in 1000 lines of Forth (Windows).. Drive turtle using 3 keys, leaving a virtual ink trail. Algorithmic thinking.

RFID Proximity Sensor

8-foot perimeter proximity sensor driven by Arduino Nano interfaced with an RFID tag reader (ThingMagic) and a high-gain RFID antenna, interfaced with strobe and 100dB alarm.

13-key Purely Analog Musical Piano

13-key analog piano using a chain of 13 individually tunable astable multivibrator circuits with outputs connected to audio amplifier (LM386) and 8-ohm, 0.2W, 2″ speaker, 9VDC battery.

TinyPhoto Rotating Photobook

TinyPhoto - an ATtiny85 powered embedded graphics photobook on 3V coin battery (20h play) built from 12 through-hole parts, £5, on 3x7cm PCB. Custom graphics driver (200 bytes), code 1.3kB RAM.

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