• SD Card Reader

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    The SD card reader is a lightweight and compact base device. To connect successfully and begin using it, simply insert the SD card into the SD card reader in the correct direction. Some SD card readers require you to insert the SD card upside down. The device is then connected to another electronic terminal (such as a laptop) to view the files on the SD card.

    The card reader is similar to a computer's USB floppy drive; the only difference is that the card reader can read a variety of flash memory cards, whereas the USB floppy drive can only read floppy disks.

  • the Motion Sensor

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    A motion sensor, also known as a motion detector, is an electronic device that detects nearby humans or objects using sensors. Motion sensors, unlike many other types of sensors, are typically embedded systems comprised of three major components: a sensor unit, an embedded computer, and hardware (or consisting of mechanical components). When the motion sensor detects a moving object, the system performs data analysis and data comparison and sends an alarm message to your mobile device via the Internet, letting you know right away if there is a security issue in the detection area. Furthermore, if you subscribe to a merchant's monitoring service, you can set up motion sensors to send alerts to the monitoring team automatically.

  • MMBT2222ALT1G General Purpose Transistor

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    What is the difference between PNP and NPN transistors?

    A positive voltage is applied to an NPN transistor's collector terminal to cause current to flow from the collector to the emitter. A positive voltage is applied to the PNP transistor's emitter terminal to cause current to flow from the emitter to the collector.

    In everyday life, what is the function of a transistor?
    Transistors can be found in almost any electronic device, from stoves to computers, pacemakers to airplanes. 9. The military used the transistor's high-power radio frequency (RF) capabilities in radar and hand-held two-way radios.