James Cannan

Inventor \ Prototypist \ Wearables \ Bluetooth \ Electronics \ Tech Enthusiast \ Entrepreneur \ Love Startups

Tetbury, UK
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Things I've Built

Wearable Touch Interface

This project involved designing a wearable touch interface made from a fabric based force sensor. It is a 6 by 8 (or a 48 point) force sensor matrix. Video:

Fusion Band

The Fusion Band fuses together muscle and motion sensors, to create a wearable wrist/armband that can be used as a computer interface. Video:

4 by 4 Fabric Force Sensor Matrix

4 by 4 or a 16 point force sensor matrix. Resistive fabric sandwiched between strips of conductive fabric makes the base of the sensor. Graph was made using Processing. Implemented on an Arduino Mega. Video:

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