Carlos Kuri

Meet Carlos Kuri: trilingual, COO, and Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering. Carlos has 5 engineered inventions, a publicat

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This user joined on 04/26/2023.

Things I've Built

2 more ongoing project that cannot be revealed

Glucose Biosensor in food samples

This technique uses fluorescence from aptamer-based biosensors. Further information is confidential.

Nano glucose sensors in Saliva

The project uses impedance measurements to quantify through interpolation the glucose concentration in saliva. Numerical simulations and fine-tuning using AI was implemented

Bluetooth controlled & encripted ID automatic doorlock

Automatic doorlock that identifies the userID using encripted bluetooth data sent from the smartphone, and based on its distance; locks or unlocks the door.

Hydrophobic car paint

hydrophobic paint that changes the surface morphology to have a durable, resistant, long-lasting hydrophobic paint.

Brain-wave controlled wheelchair

An electric wheelchair controlled by brainwaves, improving mobility for those with physical disabilities.

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