• some of my goals.

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  • Controller and functional robot arm

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    hoping to come up with something like this. It could be used as a controller as well as a functional robot arm for remote and automation as well as assistive technology to increase strength and precision.

    The linkdyn physically interactive VR, thats what I'm talking about. Possibly modify a reachy robot?

  • Severe weather blackout: )

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    Ice strom took out power, internet, and cellular service to my small town and much of the surrounding area. Good time for proofing and testing the vulnerabilities of modern society. Small local power plants? Private internet/intranet? Mobile homes? The virus obviously pointed out our dependence on human labor. This experience exposed the dependence on the power grid and information network and communication. I'd suggest local/decentralized information storage substation and small town sized power plants. For rebuilding. Maybe local resource guide?