Charles Moeller

Senior Engineer, electro-mechanical systems
Inventor of Natural Machine Logic &
Natural Logic of Space and Time

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Things I've Built

Magnetic Sensor

Invented an active magnetometer having noise equivalent to its passive components. US #4,136,370, #4,136,371, #4,182,987

Contraband Detector (of high explosives and hard drugs)

Designed two of the three ISA boards that convert a personal computer into a NMR/NQR Spectrometer to scan FedEx-sized packages for contraband, and packaging design for transportability. R&D 100 Award 1995. #5,592,083 & #6,194,898.

Improvements to SuperConducting Wire Gradiometers

Developed and implemented a superior method of balancing SC wire gradiometers on The SGMS project for the USN c.1989.

Wear-resistant Improvements to Thermal Printheads

Adding a Zircon-bearing coating in front of the printing elements to counter-abrade the abrasives brought in on customer-marked Lotto and Wagering tickets. #4,617,576 Thermal Printhead Structure

Punch Press Die-protection System

Developed a system and method to monitor discrete processes in real time. US #3,987,283 Digital Controller For Punch Presses And The Like

AC Spot-welding Monitor

System for online inspection of weld quality by measuring the voltage developed across the weld in real time.

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