Electronics Systems Engineer, embeded systems nerd and my roomates are PICs, Arduinos, electronic components and a 3D printer.

Greece, Athens
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Things I've Built

Un-usefull Night Vision Google

Since I'm a bit tactical and stuff... I decided to make an NVG..... well.... you can se in the dark for up to 20meters indoors. "Simple" project made of repurposed pvc pipes screws, a night monitor camera, and a miniature TFT screen. nice try :/

NOT a Real bomb.

Made a prop that might look like a high end countdown trigger mechanism. Password protected. Features a text LCD module, a 7Segment 6Digit Pannel and lots more!.....

EtherPIC dev board.

Collaborated with an awesome guy and made a PIC development board (Part of our thesis)
It features a PIC18f4553 Microchip mCu and an ENC for ethernet communication! Came out pretty good.

UV exposure Box

A relatebly simple build of a UV box made from a toolcase, some electronics, a PIC mCu

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