• Introducing the Hackaday.io Cool Games member

    04/15/2016 at 12:06 0 comments

    Cool Games Network is now hacking on Hackaday.io

    So who is this Cool Games member ?
    Main man is Lee T. Davy owner and retired from computer industry and television consulting.
    Well, not really true.

    More like less activity and income so looking for interesting projects to become involved with.

    As of April 2016, Cool Games is beginning to think young again and find out what changed while the kids were growing up in the interactive television industry.
    Began using Ubuntu Studio as of release 15.04 by installing on at least five systems running OS X or Windows 10.

    Windows 10 system is touch screen HP Sprout on loan for person project "Sustainability Hackerspace". Also a few Apple laptops and Mini systems to hold down the fort.
    Recently joined "MakeIt Labs" in Nashua, New Hampshire as a hobbyist member.

    On GitHub with various repositories used to start discussion on topics of interest.

    Since Cool Games is into Educational Services for K-12 STEAM then the projects are related to kids and adults that haven't completely grown up.

    First escapade is Virtual Reality head mounted display for immersion into interactive television for gaming and learning about 3 dimensional technologies.

    Also included is slot cars from past in the 1960's and 2000's as well as laser video disc from 1980's through DVDs of current society. Still not into 3D Blueray or other undefined technology.

    Here on Hackaday.io with a laser project to remind us of the past holograms and laser disc projects in the 1980s.

    Watch this space !

    Watch out for Cool Games in your community !

    Welcome to my Network !

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