Neil Jolley

Hi, I'm into Arduino, raspberry Pi, bash scripting, Python. I dislike marmalade.

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This user joined on 03/13/2015.

Things I've Built

Raspberry Pi Door Monitor

A magnetic reed switch is added to a door frame, magnet to the door. This is connected to a Pi's GPIO. When the door opens, a Growl push notification is sent to my iPhone.

Raspberry Pi UPS Monitor

I have an old UPS that doesn't communicate to Linux it's working status. So I hacked it's status lights to become inputs to a raspberry Pi's GPIO. Then scripted a bash program to monitor those lights. I get push notifications when the power goes

Raspberry Pi, SiriProxy, Voice operated garage opener

I added SiriProxy to a raspberry Pi, meaning I could ask Siri on my iPhone to open my garage door - or any other physical device connected to the GPIO. Here's a video:

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