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Things I've Built

Arduino piezo drum sensor

Read voltage produced by striking a piezo sensor with a ProTrinket. Send data back to raspberry pi via a prolific serial cable and screen. Used to design midi drum and finger pads.

eyeRocket I

On a bar bet, built a video camera model rocket. When 'mini' dvr cameras were nearly 1 kilo. Went up. Went down in flames. Got it on video. Was epic.

Raspberry Pi - Arduino interface, programmer, dev board.

Needed a better way to linkup a pro trinket to my pi, and place to program AVR chips and home brew arduinos. Was waaay too noob to know there were already ways to do it, so re-invented the wheel, and got my soldering chops up.

Prototype finder scope/small refractor from a binocular lens.

Second incarnation of this 'scope. It uses an old binocular lens with PVC tubing and fittings for the lens cell, sliding focuser and body. Is new finder scope for the newtonian. Also concept builder for a binocular telescope.

Rich field eyepiece.

Long focal length eyepiece made with field lenses from two 8mm projectors, arranged in a near symmetrical/plossl configuration. Not as wide angle as a modern eyepiece, but gives sharp views and is great as a finder eyepiece

Arduino controlled, repeated long exposure camera timer

Controls a Canon camera for sequences of long astronomical exposures. Timing is selectable from a predetermined array of times in the field. Allows for creating animations or stacked images. 1 field test, excellent results. Got this Photo!

Telescope with slide focuser

Built a new newtonian telescope from a excellent 1970s vintage mirror. Uses a sliding focuser carriage that allows camera to be attached at a fixed distance from the eyepiece, a venting system to remove convection currents, and other tricks.

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Patrick Van Oosterwijck wrote 02/24/2016 at 16:16 point

Thanks for the skull for #LiFePO4wered/Pi! :)

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