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Things I've Built

Relay Computer - Incrementer

The increments! We need this piece of hardware to advance the program counter. It's essentially a row of half-adders and a 16-bit register to hold the output for when it's needed.

Relay Computer - Sequencer

If the clock is the heart, then the sequencer is the ... uh...nervous system?! Anyhoo, this sequencer is based on Dr. Harry Porter's design and allows for up to 24 steps but can be optimized for less complex instructions.

Relay Computer - New & Improved Registers

This register design is two 8-bit registers that can combine to be a 16-bit register. It's also generic; there are wire-wrap jumpers to allow it to be configured as almost any register needed.

Relay Computer - Backplane

This is the passive backplane for my relay computer build. As I'm still relatively new to electronics design, I'm not sure what (if at all) the capacitor is doing to smooth out voltages, but it gives it a cool look.

Relay Computer - First Register

This was my first register design for an 8-bit register. But I soon found that I would need many and cable management would be a challenge. That led me down the path to my next project...the backplane...

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