Don Juan De Pyro

I love to build everything I can out of hyperactive curiosity and to fill my space of existence with eyebrow raising creativity.

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This user joined on 11/12/2014.

Things I've Built

A "safer" way to shoot fire from your face.

6 ft reach. Superfluous led light up eyes. Adjustable flame length. Terrifying to be threatened by, but more terrifying to wear. Only lit my shirt on fire once so far.

Flamethrower Guitar

Mark 4 flame guitar. I'm constructing several new ones. This one had an 18 ft reach. Unfortunately, you had to wait for pressure to build up between bursts and it did not respond to sound. That is something that has been remedied in the mark 7.

Flamethrowing Quadcopter

Piggybacking on an AR Drone 2 a hacked remote led controller runs a servo controller, that controls a servo, that dispenses a refilled butane tank's fuel (specially formulated) out a long nozzle.

Nintendo Fapper (Flamethrower + Zapper) w/ tazer

Shoots lots of fire in colors. Dual output streams. 12 ft range. Possible upgrades will bring 20 ft range. Scary loud spark gap pilot light initiator. Nozzle can taze the $@#% out of you!

Colored fire spray bottles

Pretty much any color of fire you want at the pull of a trigger. 9ft max length. 100-50 shots. 100% reliable fire system. As safe as a flamethrower can be. Maybe.

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samern wrote 04/01/2017 at 04:32 point

Thanks for liking the GoKart Tank!

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