Duane Grzyb

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This user joined on 06/15/2017.

Things I've Built

g35 christmas lights

Arduino based christmas light decirations using g35 rgb strings

plasma cnc torch height controller

project in the works, adding active torch height control to linux cnc plasma table. struggling with the coding on this one. hardware is done.

plasma cnc

a linuxcnc plasma cutter using stepper motors, thermal dynamics plasma cutter, ubuntu, linux cnc, probotix break out boards and stepper contols. The space saving design folds away in the garage but will still cut 36 x 48" material.

rgb led light pwm controller with potentiometers

a mosfet driven pwm control for full manual conrol of rgb backlighting around my kitchen cupboards

pneumatic door opener on a/v center

a remote controlled wooden fireplace mantle housing a satellite reveiver, xbox, dvd player that closes up to hide the mess when not in use.

microwave spot welder

conersion of a microwave oven transformer into resistance welder with pneumatic jaw

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