• Educating Buggy Aerospace Edition

    02/03/2015 at 11:19 0 comments

    My daughter has shown major interest in anything that flies her favorite flying machines at this time are rockets. So I have been teaching her what she can understand at this time. Keep in mind the Bug is only 4 so most parts of the field are out of her reach of understanding.

    We went to the mall and Buggy found a rocket ride she wanted to go on. After this ride she had some questions so I started figuring out the best way I could get her information that can be processed by her young processor.

    I started with the basics of manned flight using a dumpster dive find to give her a hands on understanding.

    The find was a very old DIY RC plane. The airframe is tweaked bad but to be honest I think it got that way during construction. The plane could fly well enough but I prefer to have flying machines that don't dog leg so this is only used for education and parts. That big beefy engine will find a new home in a drone project at some point.

    I wanted to make sure the basics were explained in a way the Bug's processor would remember so I used the AIAA's curriculum combined with the hands on approach to deliver the information in a way a 4 year old could grasp it. Link - http://www.aiaa.org/KidsPlace/

    I traded off an old guitar I had laying around for a Parrot version 1 drone. This got Buggy into quad copters and I have to admit myself as well. These are not the easiest things to fly so before you go out and drop a bunch of coin on one go cheap on your first as crashes cause damage and damage isn't cheap.

    During our education times I managed to have the drone get away from me and crash into a tree. This damaged a couple props and one engine so we had to fix it back up.

    After having to deal with a factory wiring harness screw up on the new motor we had the drone back in operation. It is ready to crash yet again!

    I will update this page as I teach the Buggy more about Aerospace.