Earth Astronaut, exploring strange planets, learning about its processes and creatures.

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Things I've Built

Generative Design - Flying Moto

In collaboration with johannes.smolle from Austria. Provided requirements and root geometry

Micro Gravity Slosh

Floating for Science

Generative Design Stool

Since 2013 working with the Research group within Octo at Autodesk and then later versions and forms of the project. I explored lots of different applications, but wanted to both make something that everyone understands and something beautiful.

CNC Ink Blocks

Laser and CNC experiments as well as multi layer.

Postcard Mailbox for Autodesk Gallery

Large Laser cut mailbox for visitors to send postcards. Testing laser etching positive and negative. Difficult materials.. Gave the look I wanted.

Drawing Robot

It was late.. this robot was sad. We brought it back to life for some art.

Laser Etched Ink Block

Reversing the colors so that the design after etching is a positive. Allowing for use as an ink block.

Digital Material #2

try again? different design.

Digital Material

taking minimal components to make anything. Fun Exploration. the density of pla... but actually not. based on its volume. The structure was stronger than I expected.

Line Trimming Rig

Keeping Paragliders Safe by building a compact tuning rig to check line lengths and their relative lengths based on design. A way to make sure your glider is in trim.

Solar Electric Van

Got the van from NASA Ames. Added 3 panels, replaced batteries, installed charge controller and fuses/breakers. I dont ever have to charge it. Re-programmed for better acceleration.

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