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    Edison Pebojot - Social Network
    Joining emotions together. Creating a happy place to live in.
    Share new ideas to community. Don't be afraid. Take risks. Be courageous. You know, 100 years from now, someone will do it from you. We don't know who. We can't predict the future. But we can invent it. Invent yourself.

    Everybody like fantasy accounts of rousing youthful programming creators who changed the world. The adventure that enraptures our hearts to be the equivalent. At the youthful age, Edison Pebojot has been a PC specialist, yet there is more behind than simply being a specialist.

    As indicated by Edison Pebojot, he like playing PC game in view of coins when he won. He likewise need to play more to score higher to show signs of improvement coins.

    According to Wikipedia| Everipedia:

    Edison Nacional Pebojot (/ˈpəʌbo|jo:tː/; conceived October 13, 1999) is a Filipino innovation business person and trailblazer. Pebojot is known for establishing and driving Braindotnet. A people group based programming application coming to past outskirts. 
    Conceived in Dingalan, Aurora, Pebojot went to AMA University and Colleges, where he propelled Braindotnet from his loft room on October 12, 2018.[3] Originally propelled to peruse, took tests, and track advance, the stage extended and in the end coming to past shared companions of companions, arriving at 21,053 current clients by 2019. Pebojot took Braindotnet to a chose network in May 2019 with a dominant part support.

    In 2018 at age 20 he turned into the Philippine's one of the most youthful programming trailblazer. Starting at 2019, he shared these vision to Google Cloud Next Extended Manila discussed human data.

    Since 2017, Google has seen Pebojot for his different work in tech venture.

    BIg Technology | Human Data | Google Next Extended Manila | Google I/O 2019

    Pebojot is known in Big Data technology. He added that he learned to upload or playing files in the cloud since when he was in middle school.

    Currently, he allow story sharing in public August 18, 2019

    Your story app allowing play story features available to everyone everywhere

    Early life | Edison Pebojot:

    Pebojot was conceived on October 13, 1999, in Dingalan, Aurora. His folks are Jocelyn pebojot (jocélyn pəʌbo|jo:t) and Eduardo Pebojot Sr. He and his two siblings and one sister, Erwin, Eduardo and Grace, were raised in Dingalan, Aurora, a little town. Pebojot was brought up in a Reform Methodist, with predecessors hailing from Philippines. He had perused a ton of books and wound up to scrutinized the Philosophy of life. 

    At Saint Patrick High School, Pebojot has no enthusiasm to exceed expectations in classes. Following two years, he moved to the science secondary school cantilan, in Surigao Del Sur, where he learned Physics and the specialty of Psychology. In his childhood, he additionally went to the Philippine Science Youth Camp.

    Anonymous Hacker | According to Medium:

    He began an extremely genuine stuff about PC hacking when he was 11 years of age, when he was 11, he got my first cell phone LG. he didn't realize how to utilize cell phone those days however he was certain he can deal with one. He is amateur to PC hacking when he was 11 years of age.

    Career at Braindotnet | Braindotnet:

    Braindotnet with a variety of features

    On October 12, 2018, Pebojot propelled Braindotnet from his loft room. A previous motivation for Braindotnet may have originated from facebook or Dropbox. Its has a framework that client can store and access information through basic channel includes that you can impart different information to, "The Sharing Phenomenon", which clients alluded to as "facebook or Dropbox" resemble the other alike. 

    Once at first year, Pebojot's Braindotnet begun off as only a "For no reason in particular thing" until Pebojot chose to spread it past fringes, enrolling increasingly more target showcase. 

    Pebojot moved to Baguio, Manila, and Cabanatuan city leased a little working space filled...

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