• Digimon idea 8-9-2020

    08/09/2020 at 21:42 0 comments


    All of a sudden, i have an #idea for the digivices in the future, by taking a picture of yourself, making a pixel version of ourself. Might be good when guiding your digimon. Savvy?

  • #digimoninourreality

    08/06/2020 at 23:30 0 comments

    @DavidBoren made his own v-pet digivice, i figured that he might want to join digilab in reality, with his skills and the right parts, we might make the digimon series a real thing on the digivolution kind. The heart and mind along with the feelings, whatever we can make the digimon digivolve.

    We will do things separated but we can try and do it. Even made for the VR. Or with AR. However, to make the digimon to be like the series, we'll need an artificial intelligence for the digimon we'll make in the prototype. If he joins me of course.

  • My future plan

    08/06/2020 at 22:27 0 comments

    I'll need help on some small inventions in the near future even on making my own workbench, one of them be for the gaming on an old tv series I saw when I was a kid. What I need is a programmer as one of them, a person with building skills, an electric engineer, scientists, and more on the needing. Professionals to be more exact, for now, all I can do is draw and post videos on youtube.

    I don't know much on Hackaday.ok so I could be breaking a rule here, if anyone is out there and want to help me with kindness and honor, please contact me at manbanasiak@gmail.com.