• Discover Dialog’s GreenPAK™ Application Notes

    06/22/2020 at 13:48 0 comments

    Dialog provides a complete library of application notes featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the Dialog IC. Each design example comes with a GreenPAK software file (.gp) that allows the user to easily view, modify, and prototype the proposed IC.

    • Download our free GreenPAK Designer software to open the .gp files and view the proposed circuit design
    • Use the GreenPAK Development Kit to freeze the design into your own customized IC in a matter of minutes

    You can find all Dialog's application notes in the Programmable Mixed-Signal section and the Load Switches section.

    We are continuously working on the new application notes. If you have an idea how our Programmable Mixed-Signal or Load Switches might be used in addition to those already described in the application notes, please send us a Hackaday private message. We are looking forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you!