• Future Projects

    08/21/2014 at 17:13 0 comments

    I have a number of project ideas scribbled on paper or flying around in my head and getting lost that I need somewhere to organize them. This is just a list of ideas that might or might not amount to anything in the long run. I will add to this list as I go, and remove things as I create a project page for them.

    - thermal printer notifier (with QR codes for response)

    - robot lawnmower (start remote controlled, then add automatic driving etc.)

    - self drive RC car (HC-sr04 and simple logic)

    - Bluetooth controlled RC car (complete, need to document)

    - Arduino controlled window blinds

    - Wristband notifier (like a smart watch, but without a screen, just a vibrating motor.)

    - DIY automatic door

    - bluetooth door lock

    - Quadcopter (everyone needs one)

    - flying saucer (mix of blimp and quadcopter - similar to this design http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/blimp-quadcopter-blimpcopter)