Pedro Guilherme S. Moreira

I am an electronics engineer who loves to hack everything. I am a skateboarder, Muay Thai fighter and a runner on my free time.

Brasília, Brazil
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This user joined on 03/10/2015.

Things I've Built

"Oscilloscope" with an MSP430

I used the ADC of the MSP430 and sent the data via serial port to the PC, where a Python script was used to get the data and plot using matplotlib.

(small) ALU in VHDL

Not much to say, but I will build an MIPS soon.

Voltmeter with an MSP430

Meh... nothing else to say besides the title... I will rebuild this one. (No photo, only the source code)

Ping pong on an FPGA

This on is a ping pong game I made using a Nexys 3 with a Spartan 3E FPGA. The project was made based on the book by Pong "FPGA programming with VHDL examples".

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