Dan Miller

Computer engineer in aerospace & defense, creating gadgets at home!

Chicago, Illinois
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Things I've Built

Scrap Art

Turning electronic waste into useful robots and personable centipedes

MIL-Test Rack

Multi-Channel Test Rack for Environmental Chamber Testing to MIL-STD-810

Home Automation Module

1 Gang Home Automation Module. WiFi / Zigbee Controlled. 3 Channel On/Off/PWM/Dimmer

2x4 Tables

SolidWorks Design of Quick Fabricated Tables

3D Home

SolidWorks Models of Apartment Layouts for Furniture Placement

Rack Power Supply

High current output rack power supply with monitoring protection and active cooling

PCB Test Fixture

Functional test fixture for PCB assembly testing

Tablet PC

Custom Tablet PC for Product Field Maintenance

IP Control of PC Applications

Remotely Spawn / Kill Applications Based on IP Device Proximity

Portable MultiFunction Analyzer

Scope / GPIO / ADC / DAC in a Portable Form Factor for use with Laptop PC

Manufacturing Burn Rack

Display and Embedded Computer Burn Rack

Speaker Tower

Reclaimed speakers and amps from a flooded car, built into a PA tower. Currently in renovation to a new singular chassis for better acoustics and portability.

DNA30 Electronic Cigarette

Battery charger, carrier board, and power distribution for DNA20 and DNA30 electronic cigarettes.

120VAC Nest

Controlling a 120VAC Highrise HVAC with a Nest Thermostat

Dual Rainfall Showerhead

Converting a low wall height shower fixture port into dual overhead rainfall ports.

Ground Soldier Helmet Mounted Display

Networked Helmet Mounted Display Proof of Concept.

TopMax Head Mounted Display

Head Mounted Display and Tracking System for civilian, commercial, and consumer aviation. Overlaid ADS-B, synthetic ground terrain, and relative instrumentation based on aircraft capability.

Scorpion Helmet Mounted Cueing System

Helmet Mounted Display and Head Tracking System for synthetic vision overlay and weapons cueing. Installed in over 600 A-10 and F-16 aircraft globally, as well as many other airframes.

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Radu Motisan wrote 09/13/2016 at 10:32 point

Hi Dan, thanks for following #uRADMonitor! I built several hardware models, see them on . Thanks!

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