• My lab

    07/18/2019 at 09:04 0 comments

    Some words about my lab. 

    Most of my projects was made here... 

    About stuff on my workbench...

    1. Laptop DELL Precision M6800. 

    2. 42inch 4k LG moniror

    3. My lovely GENELEC 8020

    4. Hot air gun Element 858

    5. Soldering station Hakko 951 (Chinese copia)

    6. Lab PSU ProfKip B5-77M 3x30V 3a + 5V 1A.

    7. Oscilloscope Rigol DS1054z upgraded.  

    8. Microscope Nikon SMZ1-ESD + VF10x/23 + WD177(barlow)

    9. Microscope stand. (was made from the photographic enlarger Leningrad 4u )

    In this room, but behind the scene:

    Puhui T962 oven

    CNC 1419 milling machine

    My bed for sleep)