• guidelines for beginners in wearable development

    07/21/2016 at 21:29 0 comments

    things to condsider in small embedded wearable applications

    space usage
    - microsd or flash
    - bga or lqfp or other packages
    - how many sensors
    - are there sensors with multiple functions in one package
    - communication with other devices
    - battery placement and size
    - how do-able will it be pcb wise

    - usb or custom charging
    - how long will it run on a single charge

    - how will one program the project
    - will it support over the air updates
    - can users modify the software
    - how will you use low power modes
    - how hard will it be to code it

    - how much will it cost (parts cost * 2,5)
    - do others want it for the said price above
    - how much of an interest is there
    - is a kickstarter needed

    at all times: think realistic!

    so thinking you can fit an arduino zero/m0, oled, 500mah lipo, bluetooth, buttons, accelerometer, rtc and what not in just 40*40*10mm?
    then you're wrong.

    i just put this up for your reference.
    i made quite the mistakes in the past without these own made guidelines