Ian James

Wiring things that don't exist.

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This user joined on 03/07/2019.

Things I've Built

Arduino Downwell Arcade Controller

Used the UnoJoy library, a few cheap buttons, and a cardboard box to make a custom controller for the fantastic game, Downwell. Video:

Tuner Lock

A simpler device that asks you to tune the three notes of a chord for an 'on-hold' multi-lock secret lab door.

Rotary Phone Lock

Hack an old-timey rotary phone to act as a passcode input device for an 'on-hold' multi-lock secret lab door.

RGB Watch

Uses red, green, and blue to represent seconds, minutes, and hours on an Adafruit 12x Neopixel ring. When the 'hands' overlap, the colors combine.

Google Speak Friend

An assembled 'Google Voice AIY' RPi box with Josie v1 eyes mounted for extra personality.

Josie v1

A little robo-buddy with a 16x8 LED grid for eyes. The eyes can look around and change emotional states. It makes cute little blips/blops based off a key signature assigned to its emotional state. It's also got a servo for simple movement.

Sassy Dice Box

A simple, portable pseudo-random-number-generation box that can roll a 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided dice or any custom three-digit number. As a bonus, the box features a long string of cheeky remarks for varying thresholds of success/failure.

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