I am self-taught circuit bender, electronics engineer and programmer. I apply the latter two to the art of circuit bending.

Los Angeles, California
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Things I've Built

Circuit Bent Talking Teacher AKA Squawking Screecher

A circuit bent Coleco Talking Teacher. The king of talking toys for circuit bending, IMO. From 1985, it has a voice synthesizer, not a recorded voice, and when circuit bent generates all sorts of gibberish, locked loops, and "frozen phonemes".

Circuit Bent Casio MT-240 AKA Blue Meanie

A heavily circuit bent Casio MT-240.The breakout box contains toggle and rotary switches which reroute the original electronics, resulting in a fantastic new world of sounds. My favorite circuit bending target.

Giant Perplexi Feeley

This is a 2'x3' resin cast with brass contacts and wires embedded. The wires connect to a DB25 port, which can connect to musical instruments. Touching the brass contacts insert you as component in the instrument's circuit, affecting its sound .

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 10/13/2014 at 23:21 point
Hello Jeff, this month's show & tell will be a little different as we're
co-hosting with the Pasadena Women in Tech Group. They are having their launch
party, so we decided to join forces for Innovate Pasadena Connect week. You are
welcome to come. It would be great to meet you.

Also, you might like the video we made with The Modified Toy Orchestra to launch The Hackaday Prize:

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