• Have I told you how far JLCPCB will go?

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    Have I told you how far JLCPCB will go?

    A PCB manufacturer: It can be described as a "catastrophe" for PCB board suppliers when sealing off decisions keep adding up.   How about JLCPCB? Who can tell? Nobody knows?

    We marked down the important days

    "in January,  the epidemic has not been controlled in China. JLC business department adopts work from home policy; PCB-SMT-Stencil factory workers insisted on production;most staff stay in hotels for their mandatory 14-day quarantine periods.

    23/1  After the “No Closure Spring Festival” event to ensure normal operation, we have integrated workforce and material resources to concentrate the production line in two factories, one specializing in PCB and the other specializing in SMT(limited orders ). The flexibility has so far been able to restore its staffing levels to around 90% by mid-February.

    29/1  Our company opened  "express pass" for the printed circuit boards utilized for electromedical equipment

    30/1  Our 2020 IPC APEX Exhibition agenda in SanDiego USA  was interrupted because of the canceled flight.

    12/2  Production of SMT assembly and stencils has been resumed.

    A Big Concern -transport hampered

    DHL officially notified service resumed on February 5th, and the actual measurement will be determined on the 5th Feb. The official service time is 10th Feb.

    In February,JLCPCB fought a tough battle when facing shipping trouble and shortage of industry crews. Even we resumed operations much earlier than peer companies,  employers were insufficient to  keep up with the production capacity(they have been canceled the weekend and public holidays to resume production capacity for 4 weeks. )

    描述: file-LFvQSvxAX0

    Mr. Yuan, the CEO said: "4-layers PCB  had started fabrication. Originally, there were dozens of staffs, however, 3 stranded employees presented. Limiting multi-layer orders must be carried out. It is necessary to wait for a group of people to return on the 26th from the hotel. Trust me, the capacity will be settled !" That’s the reason why we have to postpone SMT and stencil orders

    One more important thing is to maintain smooth communication with customers and partners to reduce the uneasiness and excessive worries about the outbreak. Even An email or a call consultation treated with care!

     "Can JLCPCB still make PCBs?" Yes, of course. We will never give up orders where logistics can go.

    "Is there a virus on PCB?" According to current medical research, the virus cant survive on goods.

    "shipping too expensive, few choices, long wait!" I'm very sorry, but I'm currently working on more small package logistics.

    Sorry, your order has been canceled...

    Sorry, we will refund you ...


    However, “fault confessed is half redressed” doesn't work in the recent situation except the shipping problem resolved.  Let's take a look at the process of our war:

    2020-02-04 11:31:24

    Confirmed with DHL, the official reopen on 10th

    2020-02-29 19:03:14

    4PX delay reminder in the UK has been cancelled

    2020-02-29 19:03:57

    Italian epidemic logistics delay remind


    Yes, JLCPCB is facing challenges,countries are adopting sweeping measures, including full lockdowns, shutting down airports, imposing travel restrictions, and completely sealing their borders, to against the coronavirus. Obstacles are bigger than we thought. and we fasten the steps and reached a cooperation agreement with DHL (HK)which attain stable and efficient shipping service; meanwhile, we also connected with many dedicated delivery companies, provides an attractive delivery alternative with comprehensive services for intermodal transports between China and the world. Which offer our clients to make short-term adjustments. We also kept...

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  • JLCPCB——Free PCB unlocking students creativity

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    JLCPCB——Free PCB unlocking students creativity

    With over 10 years of PCB prototype experience, JLCPCB products are used across all industries. To give back society, we also committed to inspiring students' creativity and developing new ideas by giving them free PCB sponsorship.42 groups of students applied soponsorship in 2019, 978 students cost $0 on PCB.

    JLCPCB is PCB sponsor

    As a PCB supplier, of course, we supply PCBs for students for free. It gives resource assistance to students while they improve the projects and to aid them to improve the practical knowledge essential for electrical and electronic projects so that their creativity becomes a real project by brain and hand.

    JLCPCB is a learning platform

    As a learning platform, JLCPCBmaintains close contact with students. We look for electronic creators that meet their learning goals to help the growth of project capabilities. By June 2020, over 500 electronic makers have cooperated with JLCPCB. We invited famous EE creators: Great Scott, Lady Ada, EEVBLOG... Their project article, project course, project video which are created with JLCPCB can be searched online anytime. In those kinds of ways, students can create personalized learning environments.

    JLCPCB is a tech advisor.

    Tech advisor is our reason for being for students. our innovative tools Easy EDA and our practical PCB are contributing to technologies from software to hardware. The seamless structure urges students to connect with reality and idea, from open source,  mobile software to 3D technologies, you can see how our products have shaped the world.

    How to apply sposnorship?

    With 42 sponsoring groups worldwide, more than 978 sponsored students, they come from middle school to university and across aviation, racing, machinery, civil engineering, microcomputer, and other fields. We still consistent and adhere to the role of creative protector, We provide the best PCBs and electronic project resources for school children.Moreover students who need PCB are welcomed to apply all year. In order to balance the region's development, there is the quota for each country, so that each-corner students get the credit. any inquiry please contact rebecca@jlcpcb.com.