Engineer, science enthusiast, & one half of Jelly and Marshmallows, a pair of makers from the UK

Cambridge, UK
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Things I've Built


I found some awesome 70s military nightvision parts on eBay. Difficult to resist really. It cost me £90 in parts and compared to a consumer model I bought for a similar price, mine was 10,000 times more sensitive.

Nixie Clock

A nixie clock with a hand finished CNC carved base made of a naturally beautiful wood called padauk, that it turns out I am allergic too. Luckily a friend did almost all the sanding for me!

F1 lamp

Lamp made from formula one car components including the awesome tubiness of a Williams exhaust manifold.

Maglev dart

A dart floats below an electromagnet, stabilised by arduino. A project designed and built in one day using an arduino, IR LED and photodiode, an old transformer, some scrap bits and a 3D printer.

Paper aeroplane windtunnel from cardboard

A windtunnel, based on a NASA design, built from scrap parts and cardboard. We built this to let kids test their paper planes inside, hopefully encouraging them to become engineers:)

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