Joseph Marlin

Gardening and hacking

Pennsylvania, USA
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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 05/08/2021 at 23:38 point

Thank you for liking my #PERSEUS-8 homemade 6502 computer ! Right now, I'm working on a floating point input/output program in machine language on this computer.

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Joseph Marlin wrote 05/08/2021 at 23:59 point

I know nothing about the 6502, but I love the aesthetic! I work at an old launch pad and we have some old systems that look like this. Best of luck!

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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 05/10/2021 at 12:42 point

I didn't know about a launch pad until now, so I looked it up on the net. I think it is good for fingertip sensation and visual response. Programming with toggle switches is also a special feeling, unlike a mouse or keyboard. Thank you.

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